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Digital Signal Cross Connect

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  • Jack Panel (DSX-P)
  • Crosstalk : Crosstalk diminution between jacks at DC-300Mhz must be gher than 60dB
  • Insertion loss : Below 1.15dB (22.368Mhz 69.632Mhz, 77.76mHz)
    Return loss : Above 20dB at DC-300Mhz
  • Monitor level : -21dB±1.5dB Below the signal level at DC-300Mhz
  • Insulation resistance : Inner conductor spacing between jack and jack at DC500V is above 100MΩ


  • Suitable for terminating, accessing and cross-connecting DS-3(44.736 Mbps), DSX-4(139.264 Mbps), or STM-1 (155.51 Mbps) digital rates in systems with digital radio, fiber optic or high speed digital multiplex equipment.