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Cooling Fan Unit / Optic Gigabit Tap / Fiber Optic Emergency

Product Detail Information


  • Power, Fail when LED display
  • RPM speed 2600rpm
  • AC or DC Variable Adapted
  • 19" 1U(44.45) Rack Unit Install


  • Protect device designed by SC/APC connector at front side
  • Signal display monitoring the IP port when occurent the optic line problem
  • Optic Tap Modules compactible with the stand alone and Module Type
  • TX,RX Data backup system when the normal testing
  • Using the internet data maintenance network


  • Custom tailored for field use in severly environment
  • Heavy-duty light weight connectors and cable for easy pay-out and safety storage
  • Reals available in 300,600 and 1K meter versions
  • Occurred emergency status when using recovering system